What are your head canons regarding Dean and Cas’ first kiss?
I want to know.

Honestly, if we’re strictly talking in canon (in some weird distantly vague canon-ish sort of universe), I want it to be an accident.

A very happy accident, but I want it to be completely unintentional on one or both parties.

Because this is the first kiss I’m talking about. I want them to be all sweaty and/or bloody because they were fighting something, and they both fall down on top of each other, and it’s in that fall that they actually kiss. It’s painful and not pleasant at all because it’s more like they bumped into each other and smashed their lips together when they fell.

And they both kind of do this neck jerk, pull back thing with their heads, but only their heads because they are still laying on top of each other mind you and that’s fine, not a problem, but ummm did they just kiss?

And we all know that Cas has been in love with Dean for years at this point but hasn’t said a word because he doesn’t want to ruin his relationship with Dean, and Dean has been in love with Cas, granted not as long as Cas, but he hasn’t said anything because they’re comfortable. Why bring feelings and emotions into that to complicate and ruin things.

But, they’ve definitely kissed, if that could even been called a kiss, because no it kind of hurt and wasn’t pleasant at all. But they’re still staring at each other with eyes wide, but before Cas can apologize and scramble up off of Dean, Dean pulls Cas down with a hand on the back of his neck for their lips to meet.

And this timeThis time, it’s better. It’s soft and pleasant and doesn’t hurt, and it’s full of intent and love and longing and lust, and they don’t even realize how long they’ve been laying on top of each other making out until Sam staggers over to them and says something sarcastic like “Geez thanks for all the help with that wendigo guys!”

But they only part long enough to both tell Sam at the same time “You’re welcome” before Cas slots their lips together again.

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It happens right after a hunt.

The air is still thick with the stench of death, and remnants of adrenaline courses through Dean’s veins, his limbs shaky and unsettled.

Castiel had thrown himself between Dean and the monster and whether it was out of chivalry, or bravery, or stupidity Dean will never know, but he reckons he’ll remember the rage he felt at seeing his best friend nearly die for an extremely long time.

It used to be okay for Castiel to save Dean’s sorry ass; one quick mojo-charged palm to the head and whatever creature it was they were fighting would be nothing more than a pile of ashes and dust. But it’s not okay anymore.

While Castiel still fights like an angel, with the wrath of righteousness, and an intent so full of divine greatness Dean swears he can still see the burning of grace within Castiel, the fact of the matter is he isn’t an angel. Not anymore.

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30 days of Supernatural → Day 22: Favorite Cast Relationship

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"No, we’re not perfect. But maybe we don’t have to be. Maybe perfect is overrated. Maybe perfect is boring.”


"I don’t care, Cas. I don’t care about any of that. People aren’t perfect, us especially. Me, most of all. But I… care about you, in a way that I never thought I was capable of. So maybe we don’t do all the couples stuff that magazine says. Who the hell cares? Nothing about us has ever been conventional."


"You know what? No. Fuck that magazine. We are perfect. I love you, and you love me. And there’s no way that we should be here - alive - but we still are, so to hell with them. We’re happy. I’ve never been so goddamn happy - What the hell are you smiling about?”

"… You just said you loved me."

"Yeah, well… yeah. That’s not… I mean, you knew that, right?"

"Of course. But to hear it… I love you, too, Dean. Very much."

"Yeah, okay. We don’t have to get all -"

"And we are perfect. The system of measurement this magazine uses is obviously erroneous."

"Yeah… that’s what I was… Can we just please make out now?"