some au ideas for your otp:

  • au where one rescues the other from a terrible place, like hell or purgatory
  • au where one of them convinces the other to give up everything they’ve ever known for the sake of humanity
  • au where one pledges to help the other lose their “virginity” while they are staying together in an abandoned empty house
  • au where one thinks the other is dead and mourns for a year until they find the other miraculously alive but without their memories
  • au where one thinks the other is trapped somewhere dangerous and thinks they’re hallucinating their eventual return because they miss them so much
  • au where one is brainwashed to kill the other by killing hundreds upon hundreds of facsimile versions, but when face with the real thing cannot do it, and the brainwashing it broken
  • au where they accidentally have to babysit together after a rogue angel tries to kill them
  • au where one of them dies and the other lies in bed naked for a month and a half in mourning before learning the other is not dead but instead a demon so they pledge themselves to saving them again

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Jared Padalecki strutting his stuff in Vancouver in September, 2014 (c)

Jared Padalecki strutting his stuff in Vancouver in September, 2014 (c)


do you honestly think that this man is 40??!? (x)

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there was a time when writers were kind


when their screenplays were good


and their plots inviting


There was a time when trust was blind


And the world was a song


And the song was exciting


There was a time


Then it all






Holy shit look at the notes on this… Is it me or is the fandom trying to say something





~ September 18th ~

Happy Anniversary Dean & Castiel

This is a companion to the anniversary drabble Same verse, but a continuation, this time from Castiel’s point of view.

So they had done it Dean’s way; doing ‘cheesy couple-y stuff’, as Dean called it, to celebrate the day of their first encounter. Not that Castiel had any objections… In fact, he’d enjoyed himself just as much as Dean had, if not maybe more.

Dean had taken Castiel out to dinner, and they had both agreed that they didn’t want the restaurant to be too fancy, seeing as that wasn’t their style. To Castiel’s delight, Dean had picked a place that was specifically known for their home-made burgers, most likely because he knew that was what Castiel liked best.

Currently, they were taking a late night walk, strolling along the edge of the giant lake that wasn’t too far from the bunker. It was quiet, and peaceful. Castiel liked watching the stars, which he suspected was the reason Dean had brought him here.

The lake functioned as a mirror; the dark, smooth surface reflected the many twinkling lights in the sky. The best part though, in Castiel’s opinion, was Dean nonchalantly holding his hand as they walked.

“So… Did you have a good day?” Dean’s voice ended the comfortable silence.

“The best, Dean.” Castiel answered sincerely.

“Great… That’s… That’s awesome.”

Castiel noticed that Dean sounded a bit uneasy all of the sudden. Possibly even nervous. Dean Winchester was hardly ever nervous…

Before Castiel could even ponder on that, Dean abruptly stopped walking. Castiel had no other choice but to follow his example, seeing as their hands were still connected. Dean spun Castiel around, so that they were standing face to face, chest to chest. Dean’s hands were lightly resting on Castiel’s waist, where they restlessly played with the fabric of Castiel’s sweater.

Dean looked tense, his green eyes troubled as he silently regarded Castiel. To be fair, Castiel was starting to get more than a little worried…

“Is… Is something wrong, Dean?” He asked hesitantly, chewing on his bottom lip as he examined the stiff expression on Dean’s freckled face. “Did… Did I do something wrong?”

“Hell no!” Dean blurted out immediately at that suggestion. “No, Cas… You did nothing wrong… I just… I wanted to give you something.”

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